Tuscan Landscape Study

Tuscan Landscape Study
Tuscan Landscape Study

16″x20″ Acrylic. I created this painting as a study for a Client. I did end up creating another one that was 5’x7′. Made up of perspective and color composition and elements the client chose to have in the painting, it is a nice little painting I would love to go to Tuscany some day to see for myself. I might like it enought to stay…I love Italian food…..

MoonSun Man

Moonsun Man

8″x12″ Mixed media Acrylic and Resin. I was experimenting with Resin and had waaay to much fun with the torch. I like Resin and will use it again. The sun and moon have always been favorites of mine. I like the mystery of how the universe works and all the beautiful colors within and around that we cant see from here.

Triptych of local scenery

Triptych Ventura

18″x36″ for the two smaller and 36″x60″ Oil on Canvas. This commision painting is a mix of items found locally in Ventura Ca. Two tree hill, eucalyptus trees, flower fields these three paintings belong together but I also intended them to be interesting on their own. I incorporated the bright colors From two existing paintings in the room and canvas design chosen by Interior Designer Rachel Laney ( -you can see the whole room the painting is in on her website.) The client picked the style of the art and the subject matter. I had a fun time putting it all together in this oil painting.